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For the last two decades there has been growing evidence on what human beings need to both feel good and function well. As we emerge now into a new world and navigate through uncertainty we have the potential to move forward, informed by this science. As the spread of the virus and the response to it has shown, this is not just about individuals, we exist in wider interconnected systems. So in this book we have explored what the science of wellbeing means for our communities, education systems, workplaces, the media, health systems, the economy and beyond. There is evidence too that when we truly flourish so will the planet. This book is about hope and a call to action to make the world the kind of place we want to live in. Our aim is to inspire readers to see why we urgently need a different approach to how we live our lives and to begin to make changes individually and with others. We give a flavour of the main issues and offer a set of evidence-based principles that underlie human wellbeing. We also offer practical ideas based on these principles that can be applied to create positive change in different areas of life. We invite readers to reflect on how the ideas presented relate to your own experiences and how you can generate further strategies for action.