We would like to thank the following people who were instrumental in helping us shape this book by contributing ideas or by reading and commenting on draft chapters. They include colleagues in the world of positive psychology but also those who are not. Many are academics and specialists in other fields, and others represented non-specialists. The inclusion of non-specialists was critical in ensuring that we produced a text that would reach out to a general readership. We are immensely grateful for your time and thoughts.

Dominic Boddington, Mieneke Bakker, Jeannie Cohen, Ella Coleman, Miranda Crowhurst, Willem de Vries, Andy Detheridge, John Dowling, Peter Downs, Rhiannon Dwyer, Mark Fox, Tessa Fluence, Jane Gaukroger, Elizabeth Gillies, Euan Gillies, Julian Huppert, Rowan Huppert, Klasien Horstman, Nick Jaspers, Gabrielle Kelly, Sarah Lewis, Tara McLeod, Alexi Marmot, Sir Michael Marmot, Emma Marshall, Alma Montoya, Nancy Nicolson, Grant Rhodes, Jamie Q Roberts, Evie Rosset, Jose Feliciano Perez Sanchez, Pim Schippers, Nicky Sloss, Andrea Stern, Audrey Stern, Jaap Swart, Mark Valentine, Rianne Wesenbeek, Guido Wevers.

We would also like to thank Joanne Forshaw and Daradi Patar at Routledge for their enduring support.

This book was not a small undertaking. Everyone involved in writing these chapters has worked hard on them around the demands of other work and life. However, two of our group need to be especially highlighted. Sue and David Roffey kindly and bravely volunteered to take on the mammoth task of copy editing, co-ordination, publisher liaison and production management. This took up much of their time, headspace and energy over many months. We know it wasn’t easy. The rest of the group are deeply appreciative, this book wouldn’t have been completed without them.